mechacomp - Product Categories




NIPPON PULSE AMERICA – linear shaft motor or stepper motor stage for >500mm travel

NANOTEC  – linear actuators



NIPPON PULSE AMERICA – chip and board level stepper motor drivers and controllers


TECHNOSOFT – compact servo and stepper drives with embedded DSP controller technology  - easy implementation with motion libraries for C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, Linux, and select PLC’s among others

NANOTEC  – stepper positioning controller (closed loop; servo-type performance)




BETA LASERMIKE – non-contact speed and length gaug



NIPPON PULSE AMERICA – ironless shaft motor design available in variety of shaft sizes from 4mm thru 50mm  - linear stepper motors in 25mm and 35mm dia. design





NIPPON PULSE AMERICA – stepper motors in tin can and hybrid design


TECHNOSOFT – intelligent step and servo motors i.e. drive and motion control DSP integrated into the motor

NANOTEC  – Stepper and BLDC motors





LION PRECISION – Capacitive and Eddy-Current Sensors; Spindle Error Analysis

BETA LASERMIKE – non-contact speed and length gauge


FIAMA – position indicators

LIKA – magnetic linear and rotary encoders  - incremental or absolute  - various bus options


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