mechacomp - Product Gallery 2

Product Gallery 2:

Speed and Length Gauge


·        Non-contact laser gauge

·        Unaffected by surface color

·        Direct replacement for encoders and tachometers

·        High Speed, accuracy and repeatability

Actuators / Stages

·        Linear motor, rotary servo or stepper motor driven actuators/positioning systems

·        Forces in excess of 1,000 lbs.

·        Large variety of lengths available, with custom and exotic platforms available to customer specifications

·        Packages available include enclosed controller and “teach & go” motion software


Capacitive/Eddy-Current Sensors

·        Position/Displacement/Vibration measurement

·        Nanometer resolution

·        Large variety of measurement ranges and sensor sizes

·        Packages include Spindle Error Analysis, test for fixturing/roundness/surface finish and 5-axis alignment and testing

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