mechacomp - Product Gallery 3

Product Gallery 3: 



Linear Motors  

·        Highly accurate ironless motor

·        Applications include high precision commercial markets

·        High wire density created by precision winding

·        Standard motors producing up to 1000 lbs. of force





 Rotary Motors


·        Stepper (tin can/hybrid), Servo, BLDC or Servo-performance stepper

·        Servo variants include intelligent motor w/controller and drive

·        Optional encoder, gearbox, I/O and/or brake

·        Fieldbus encoders available







·        Servo or stepper - same drive

·        Open or closed frame; chip based

·        Indepentent drive, or with integrated DSP controller

·        Motion libraries available, including C++, Visual Basic, LabView, Linux and select PLC's



 Custom Motion Systems 


·        Engineered systems integration / Custom automated manufacturing equipment

·        Electrical cabinet building

·        HMI integrations and system programming available



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